Welcome to the LTE Bridge!

What is Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator?

The Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator is an immersive, PC-based, “Star Trek style” role-playing/team-building game. The computer simulation runs 30 to 90 minutes missions and require each team member to perform their individual roles, coordinated by a Captain.

Artemis is a social teamwork experience which requires direct communication with other participants. It’s more role-play and socializing than pure “computer game”, combining aspects of sci-fi LARP and LAN party. Player crews work together for a common goal, competing together against the simulation–not against each other. It’s very common for “non-gamers” to enjoy Artemis!

If you’ve watched Star Trek, and wanted to be on the bridge on an adventure–then Artemis is for you!

Who is the LTE Bridge Team?

We are fans of Artemis with backgrounds in computer networking, software development, PC gaming, dramatic production, acting, public speaking, and teaching.

The LTE Bridge Team hosts events for private parties, conventions, and business team-building.

We provide all the computers, networking, special-effects lighting, audio-visual enhancements, and setup/teardown.

During your event, we are on the bridge, in character (or even in costume if you like), teaching players how to run their stations and encouraging an enjoyable experience for the entire crew.

Contact our team, and we’ll bring you an adventure in space!

What does it look like in action?

So glad you asked! Check out one of our highlight reels…

We’ve hosted Artemis at conventions, private parties, and more!

How to Book an Event

We’re based out of Atlanta, GA, and have expanded across the SouthEast to sci-fi conventions and educational events in Greenville, SC; Con Nooga in Chattanooga, TN; and AgamaCon in Aiken, SC.

We’re available for events within a 3-hour radius of metro Atlanta, and can provide remote technical assistance and advice for event hosting anywhere in the USA. Pricing is negotiated per-event, based on your expected player base and event duration. Refer to our Event Pricing and contact information page for details.