Month: February 2020

2020-03-07: AgamaCon 2020

The LTE Bridge returns to AgamaCon with two days of adventure on our Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator!

2020.0221 : Con Nooga 2020

Thanks to all who joined us at Con Nooga 2020! This was the first run of our training video as part of the mission, and was our first fully-game-mastered convention. Pretty sure we made some more Artemis fans! See you at the next convention! Media Mentions Con Nooga in Chattanooga features sci-fi, fantasy, horror, comics,…

Dream Flight Adventures – First Look

Snazzy logo, from an up-and-coming snazzy bridge simulator! UPDATE: 9 April 2020 Dream Flight Adventures 2.0 is RELEASED! There are 2 versions: Home Edition lets you play with up to 4 crew members to try it out, and Pro Edition unlocks all the things! Ref: And get the Home Edition here to start trying…