Category: After-Action Reports

2022.0218 – Con Nooga 2022

The LTE Bridge team brought one Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator event to Con Nooga 2022, Friday February 18 thru Sunday February 20 at the Chattanooga Convention Center. We’re famous! See the latter half of this video! If you want access to future events before the general public, sign up on our Early Access Mailing List!

2020.0221 : Con Nooga 2020

Thanks to all who joined us at Con Nooga 2020! This was the first run of our training video as part of the mission, and was our first fully-game-mastered convention. Pretty sure we made some more Artemis fans! See you at the next convention! Media Mentions Con Nooga in Chattanooga features sci-fi, fantasy, horror, comics,…

2019.0829: Dragon Con 2019

After-action report coming soon! We’d like to thank our Dragon Con family for having us visit again! Almost 600 crew members participated on our dual Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulators this year. We saw many familiar faces, and introduced Artemis to at least 200 new players. For more information about Artemis, visit For more information…

2019.07.12 – Southern-Fried Gaming Expo 2019

The Southern-Friend Gaming Expo 2019 had our Artemis Spaceship Bridge simulator 8-player touchscreen-based setup this year. Over 150 players joined us in both random and GM-controlled missions on our bridge. Thank you to those who crewed the TSN Artemis against the TAK Alliance onslaught and saved Terran stations from the invasion forces!

2019.3.2 – AgamaCon 2019

On February 3, 2019, we hosted the Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator room at AgamaCon 2019. This was our first visit to AgamaCon, and the good folks of Aiken, SC made us feel right at home!

2019.2.22 – ConNooga 2019

We had a great event at ConNooga 2019, a family-friendly multi-fandom convention covering sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, and more! This year we introduced the Pirate Brigadine ship, and game-master controlled missions for our more skilled crews. Lots of new players joined in, and experienced crews returned to take on even harder challenges. Come join us in…

2018.09 – Dragon Con 2018

Dragon Con 2018 Is in the Ship’s Log–and was GREAT! Thank you to the 500+ crew members who joined the Artemis Spaceship Bridge team. We’ll see you next year! Photos and videos will be posted here after we recover from ‘con chaos. Dragon Con guest “ArbitrarySketch” has some video at (scroll to August 31 thru Sep…

Southern-Fried Gaming Expo 2018

The LTE Bridge returned for our third year at the Southern-Fried Gaming Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, June 8 thru 10, 2018. One big lesson learned: you can survive a run through a minefield at maximum warp!

2018.02 – Con Nooga 2018

Thanks all for a great Con Nooga 2018! We had over 200 crew members take part in our convention-scale “Dreadnaught” setup. The 100″ projection screen and touch-enabled controls were a big draw, and we included HOTAS controls on helm and 2 fighter stations. It was highly-rated! See y’all next year!  

Bob Jones University “U Day” 2017

In October 2017, we brought our convention-scale DreadNaught setup to Bob Jones University as part of the U-Day community outreach event. We installed the bridge in a room specially designed for multi-media presentations: here is our finished setup! It looked like NASA mission control… Most of the guest crew members were elementary school age students, and they…