Author: CommodoreLawson

2024.03.15 – Nerdi Gras 2024

2023.08.31 – Dragon Con 2023

Returning to the largest multi-media and multi-genre convention in the multi-verse, the LTE Bridge Team hosted two Artemis bridges for over 650 crew members at Dragon Con 2023. Some quick pics… y’all were awesome as usual!

2023.07.28 – Southern-Fried Gaming Expo 2023

Another awesome SFGE this year! We’ll be posting some photos and video here shortly…

2023.0310 – Nerdi Gras 2023

What? You’ve never been to Nerdi Gras? Neither have we… it’s BRAND NEW and we’re getting FIRST DIBS on hosting not one, but TWO ARTEMIS BRIDGE SIMULATORS! What’s better than Artemis? More Artemis! 2 Crews…2 Spaceships…1 Epic head-to-head Battle!Don’t miss… Artemis: The Arena!

2023.0217 – Con Nooga 2023

The LTE Bridge launched our Artemis simulator at Con Nooga 2023, for our 5th year! It was great to see many of our long-time friends–and make new friends too! See you in 2024!

2022.0901 – Dragon Con 2022

Thank You, Dragon Con Family! For all those who boarded our Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator event at Dragon Con 2022, we sincerely THANK YOU for spending some of your valuable Dragon Con time with us! We had over 600 players take part in 70 Artemis missions during our 5-day Dragon Con adventure.

2022.0715 – Southern-Fried Gaming Expo 2022

We hosted our Artemis bridge at SFGE 2022, with over 200 amazing guests joining us for adventures on the Terran frontier. The final 5 minutes of a hard-fought mission: and the best victory speech of the weekend! All hands, prepare for battle!

2022.0218 – Con Nooga 2022

The LTE Bridge team brought one Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator event to Con Nooga 2022, Friday February 18 thru Sunday February 20 at the Chattanooga Convention Center. We’re famous! See the latter half of this video! If you want access to future events before the general public, sign up on our Early Access Mailing List!

2021.08.02 – Southern-Fried Gaming Expo 2021

Over 175 players enjoyed our premiere Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator experience over the Southern-Fried Gaming Expo 2021 event, August 20-22, 2021. This event was the first to implement our new training video module as an integral part of the Newbie missions, and our first post-COVID crisis convention event. See you in July 2022!

2020-03-07: AgamaCon 2020

The LTE Bridge returns to AgamaCon with two days of adventure on our Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator!