Our first major event was a 4-hour LAN party for our daughter’s 13th birthday in March of 2016.

My daughter asked for an Artemis LAN party for her 13th birthday! Needless to say, I was fully on board with the idea. My stagecraft-skilled wife also got into the act. I sent out Artemis-themed invitations, including computer-printed official looking envelopes. (One invitee said he thought he was getting drafted!)

Since most of my daughter’s sci-fi experience has been Star Trek related, we themed the decorations along Trek canon.


Display table in the foyer.


Dining room, decked with Trek decor!


Hallway with black landscape fabric, blue neon tape, and blue rope lights for ambiance.



To your right, the kitchen nook with space decor…

Our living room aka LTE Bridge 1.0, with black landscape fabric on the walls. All the crew positions have touchscreens.


In Trek TNG costume, I’m up front left; daughter Kira is foreground lower right.


After three hours at this party, we had one hour to reset, and hosted a SECOND party for the adults, again with great results!